Re: ‘Survivors and suicides,’ by Nikos Konstandaras

You describe a condition in Greece that shows disorganized, desperate people as orphans of caring leadership and suffering under a cruel, unjust stepmother (the current corrupt leadership and established class that continues to persist in governing and serving their short-term interests by offering their adopted children as slaves).

Those orphans still are confused, but their brain is busy thinking about their future survival and sooner or later they will come to the only solution that leads to their survival.

This solution is to get rid of that cruel corrupted stepmother and select by merit the best ones among their brothers and sisters and give them the mission to bring them all together and in harmony discuss their current situation and formulate a realistic plan of how each one of them according to their ability will work and in what kind of a post to rebuild their house (their country) and to get rid of corruption, to bring justice and brother-sister care among each other, and reclaim their good reputation and the name that the corrupt and immoral cruel stepmother let herself and her usurpers-stranger friends destroy through orgies and squandering their inheritance with immoral parties and pleasurable activities, neglecting all her social responsibilities to her adopted children.

Sooner or later those neglected children will live up to the only solution available for their survival.


Vasilios D. Korovilas

California, USA

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