On high-speed rail line, VAT rates, politicians and low competitiveness of the Greek economy

MPs reject reduction in funding

It is impossible to understand what planet these MPs live on.

No matter how one slices it, zero per cent of anything always remains a zero.

They not only managed to spend it all but got the country and themselves in debt to the tune of billions of euros.

If these illustrious, hard working, smart, patriotic (tongue firmly planted in cheek) persons feel they still have what it takes to run the country, let them run on their own money or solicit donations from those they have helped all along.

Surely none of them suggests we borrow money from abroad to pay for their excursions to the polls or provide them with job security.

A novel idea would be for all the citizens to stay home on election day. Voting only encourages them to believe they have followers who still may believe in any of them.

Monica Lane

Florida, USA

High-speed rail deal signed

While the average cost of about 10 million euros per kilometer is accurate cost for a high-speed rail, the 7-kilometer stretch must be inaccurate.

The high-speed rail cars on average travel 200 km an hour.

Either the cost is wrong or the length of the rail is wrong.

Even our politicians cannot sign an agreement for a 7 km stretch on a train that would never leave the station for the 7 km dash.

Monica Lane

Florida, USA

Compliments to a regular letter writer

l wish Monica Lane could be Greek Prime Minister! l have rarely heard anyone speak so eloquently, intelligently and with complete understanding of Greece and her problems.

Her letters should be required reading for all Greeks.

John Maroulis

Sydney, Australia

Technocrats’ taxation logic?

VAT brackets of 6.4%, 13% and deciding between «19% or 21%»!! Are the loonies still in charge? VAT should be at a level that is quickly and easily calculated in anyone’s head. VAT brackets of 5%, 10% 15% and 20% are logical. All other numbers are just a pain, inconvenient and require many to go shopping with an imported calculator in their pocket to avoid being ripped off at the counter. Technocrats need to learn the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid), I say.

James Colley

Sydney, Australia

Our bankrupt politicians

I applaud this excellent editorial. Greeks know, and the outside world knows, that rarely has a nation been let down like Greece has by such self-serving political cadres. Many of them, I suspect, should spend time in jail.

Unfortunately, the country will no doubt become a case study in public policy about what democracy can mean when people re-elect, over and over, for decades, the same incompetent and greedy political leaders.

George Howard

New York, USA

Waste of money

When Greece wants to improve its competitive position it better focus on the quality of the processes of production instead on the cost of wages.

In my experience in Greece about 65 percent of the costs of production are the result of no or bad planning; no or bad process management; no or bad chain quality of the process links; no or bad logistics; no or bad waste-management; and no or low responsibilities concerning this quality.

In this way producing the same product becomes about 3 times more expensive than necessary.

In this way Greece keeps on wasting like a millionaire while it is bankrupt.

Hans Van der Schaaf