Bite the bullet, cross the line

It?s crunch time for Greece?s political leaders, and the dangers that the country faces if they don?t make the right decisions are more than evident.

If the leadership wants to spare Greece a disorderly default, it will have to keep a level head and summon all of its courage. The country?s politicians have to forget about sticking to party lines and start reaching joint decisions on issues that may appear like political suicide. The fact is that they are all aware of the risks and can no longer feign ignorance to justify their intransigence.

Negotiations with the country?s lenders can only go so far and unless a deal is reached in regards to the next bailout tranche, Greece will find itself in a very dangerous void. Such a development is not in the interest of our partners or our creditors, and certainly not the country, so our political leaders had best temper their hardline stance and seek reasonable compromises.

Greece cannot afford to be put at risk of chaos because certain politicians refuse to step back from extreme policies.