Divided, the country will fall

This is not the time for the political parties lending their support to the national unity coalition government to undermine the efforts of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.

Together with the country?s premier, the leaders of all three parties — socialist PASOK, conservative New Democracy and the right-wing Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) — have taken on the responsibility for tough negotiations with Greece?s partners and creditors which are of great national importance.

Barely concealed accusations regarding the way in which Papademos is handling the negotiations with the troika are of no benefit to the Greek cause.

One way to eradicate any illusion or doubt regarding how much leeway the country has in the way of negotiations could be the method of collective bargaining, carried out in tandem with the prime minister.

The time has come for political leaders to realize that in order for the country to reach a final deal, unity and seriousness must come first.