A flicker of courage and hope

There are no easy decisions ahead for the leaders of the three political parties in Lucas Papademos?s unity government, and we have to give them credit for finding the courage to support some very difficult measures and painful changes, knowing that the political cost will be great.

For the leader of New Democracy especially, this change of stance is a sign that he is assuming responsibility during a critical period for the nation.

Of course, it?s not as if they have many alternatives when it comes to choosing their policy line and, to this end, it is not good that all three parties present every single measure they eventually adopt as being the result of incredible pressure from the troika, when they know full well that many of these changes ought to have been made years ago, but no one dared to make them.

We can only hope that this chapter of political courage will not be brief and that with national consensus and a little bit of pressure, we can finally return to being a serious, sovereign state.