Careful what you wish for

One of our MPs was heard Tuesday saying that if it came down to a choice between national humiliation and bankruptcy, we as a country would choose the latter.

We Greeks are a proud people who are justifiably upset about the insults aimed at us from all around the world and become angry when our creditors and partners impose harsh terms in a very brusque manner.

We are also a people who have survived myriad difficult and complex situations thanks not only to our bravery, but also to our fundamental sense of realism and a very strong instinct for self-preservation.

The country is at a critical point right now and we should all be aware of the dangers and consequences of any decision we make that will affect Greece?s future. A unilateral or uncontrolled default would certainly provide a temporary boost to our bruised national pride, but it would ultimately lead to our demise, to even more poverty and to international isolation.

The end of Greece as a member of the euro is nothing to make light of or something to be used as a threat in such a rash manner.