No time for partisan antics

It is unacceptable that our politicians? populist manner of communication is leading the country to bankruptcy. Neither the rivalries over who saved what during the tough national negotiations with our creditors nor the political games regarding the undertaking of written commitments by the party leaders do the political system any justice. The country is heading toward disaster and a harsh European establishment is disseminating the view that Greece is beyond saving and does not have any trustworthy leaders. Such views are further bolstered by the antics of our politicians, who are doing everything in their power to undermine the prime minister they themselves invited to accept the position in the final hour because no one else was considered a trustworthy interlocutor beyond Greece?s borders. This is a time of national judgment, a time of major truths, not of partisan tricks.

As far as Lucas Papademos is concerned, the best thing — from a national point of view — would be for him to speak openly and honestly to the Greek people and not take upon himself the danger of a bankruptcy which is not of his own making.