Clear and present danger

There are historic moments which demand bravery and courage on the part of a country?s leadership and caution on the part of society. This is the kind of historic moment we are now living as lies are now a thing of the past and the danger of the country exiting the eurozone is very real, even to those who, out of irresponsibility or intent, declared that we ought to ignore it.

This is an extremely demanding moment for our political leaders and MPs. The drachma lobby and the populist beast are leading us to disaster in order to write off their exorbitant debts and subsequently use the loot to buy Greece at a bargain price.

However, the Greek people now have a crystal-clear picture of the choices they have, as well as the intentions of a certain number of the country?s partners who wish to see Greece leave the eurozone.

The politicians capable of bearing the responsibility have to rise above the raging war waged by populists and the obstacles posed by some of our partners and do their duty.