A sign of political maturity

We often justly accuse our political system of bad management and corruption, which brought the country to its current state. But we should recognize its efforts to get us out of this dead end, especially when confronted with out-of-control populism.

George Papandreou and Antonis Samaras rose to the occasion and this was no easy thing. Especially for the latter, who made a conscious, responsible about-face that put him at odds with a large portion of his party and unionist officials. On Saturday he crossed the Rubicon and this should be recognized. Papandreou also spoke honestly and is making a belated effort to confront the devious deep PASOK still trying to lead the country to disaster. The Papademos experiment succeeded in the first round. Middle-class parties did their duty under great pressure but also under the guidance of a non-political premier who bolstered Greece?s credibility abroad. The main benefit is that our core politicians, though they veered dangerously toward populism, did not balk at the crucial moment.