What happened on Sunday?

The Ministry of Citizens? Protection bears tremendous responsibility with regard to the events that took place in central Athens on Sunday night. It is unthinkable that viewers spent hours watching groups of hooded people on television trying to set various buildings on fire with no one doing anything about it until it was too late.

It is only fair that questions and suspicion arise, not just in the minds of conspiracy theorists but also among society?s most serious members, as to what exactly happened.

Equally sensible are queries regarding the ministry?s handling of the Athens Law School sit-in, despite warnings from university authorities, not to mention the supposed abolition of the so-called university asylum law.

Citizen?s Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis should have tendered his resignation to the prime minister by now, as it is unfortunately obvious that he failed in his mission on a particular crucial day, possibly because he was busy with PASOK?s inner-party workings.