Law being ignored by both sides

It was last year that Parliament decided, by an overwhelming majority, to change the law governing Greek universities and to lift an article banning police from entering campus grounds.

Ever since, a number of organized groups of troublemakers have taken it upon themselves to ignore the law of the Greek state and the will of the parliamentary majority, as though they were insignificant annoyances that can simply be brushed away.

This was apparent yesterday, when certain of these groups prevented the election of a new administrative council at Thessaloniki?s Aristotle University, as foreseen in the new law, not to mention in the case of the Athens Law School, which was used by a group of hoodlums as a staging area for the riots and arson attacks on Sunday that left the center of the city devastated.

When the state and the political system refuse to systematically and strictly impose the laws of the land, the predicament in which Greece finds itself today and the lamentable way in which it is viewed by the rest of the world should come as no surprise.