Reckless talk?

In a striking example of political weakness and an attenuated grasp of political responsibility, a minister addresses citizens in an interview, informing them of the existence of a «plan» targeting the prime minister and his government. «Pay attention to where the alliances are in this offensive,» he said. This came out last week and, admittedly, we have been waiting for the follow-up since, for the reactions on the political scene. Can it be possible that those words went virtually unnoticed in a country with a modern democratic regime, in a stable country, proud of its European profile? So, without any evidence, using abstract «shock allegations,» babble and sly winks, an active minister asked his country’s good citizens to «pay attention» to which (unidentified) enemies of the government are coordinating their course toward wretchedness. But then again, why shouldn’t a minister resort to babble when – making observations that are inappropriate for a politician while expressing the opinion of the prime minister – he is not subjected to any severe criticism or any remonstrations from the opposition? Indeed, why shouldn’t every government official say whatever comes to his mind on a public stage where – let’s be honest – few politicians are concerned with safeguarding the prestige of leading government figures and the opposition’s means of monitoring them?

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