Where there’s a will

Let?s not kid ourselves any longer; the Greek state is bankrupt. On a practical level this means that the government will have to come up with new ways to bolster or even to replace some of its most basic functions.

The theft yesterday of dozens of priceless artifacts from the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia is one example of the consequences that arise from this absence of an organized state.

If the state is unable to safeguard the country?s vast cultural heritage because it lacks the resources, or for whatever other reason, then the government ought to come up with alternative ways to achieve this end.

The government could, for example, approach some of the biggest private institutions in Greece as ask them to undertake the cost of guarding important museums for the next two or three years.

Every problem has a solution and the crisis, if nothing else, provides us all with an opportunity to express our love for country and to give it what support we can during these unsettled times.