Fanning the flames of division

It?s shocking to see the ease with which some Greek politicians, and other pundits, direct barbs and accusations against those who happen to disagree with them. Greece is currently facing a big financial crisis and it is only natural that there will be divergent views about what should be done to emerge from it.

The last thing the country needs right now is to become embroiled in a bitter exchange of hysterical accusations about bigots and traitors. Greece has paid a heavy price for such arguments in the past.

It?s obvious that some people out there are seeking to exploit the suffering and the frustration of the Greek people. Hopefully, citizens are mature and strong enough to turn a deaf ear to the zealots and do what it takes to pull the country out of its current predicament.

Whether they are driven by self-interest or by blind fanaticism, those who are fanning the flames of violence, chaos and civil conflict are doing great damage to the nation.