Finding space for the serious

If Greece were a normal country with a state that functioned properly, immediate elections would be a necessary and, possibly, wise option. But our country is not normal at the moment and the state has ceased functioning.

Nevertheless, general elections will be held in the spring and the will of the people must be expressed. But the crucial question is to what extent Prime Minister Lucas Papademos will have the support of PASOK and New Democracy to assign some government positions to respected figures and to give certain task groups the job of conducting key reforms that need to happen quickly.

In other words, the two main parties have to agree with Papademos that even during the election campaign, some experienced and serious people will look after moving forward with all the reforms that need to take place by June.

If this does not happen, and keeping in mind that the state machine has seized up, that there will be tension during the election campaigns and the time that a new government will need to bed in, we all know that the results will be disastrous.