The PM’s quiet dignity

It is almost impossible to say anything good about anyone participating in the governance of the country right now.

We must, however, acknowledge the efforts made by Prime Minister Lucas Papademos over the past few months in order to ensure Greece?s position in the eurozone and to stave off a disorderly default.

Papademos achieved a fine balancing act between the political parties in his government, while also earning the badly dented trust of our international partners.

The first phase of his mission has been accomplished, but several tough weeks remain ahead.

However, even those who disagree with the agreement forged in Brussels should acknowledge not only the hard work put in by the prime minister, but also his quiet dignity and the moral standard he brought to the office he was assigned in such adverse conditions.

It has been during his tenure that Greece?s main political parties have really grasped the magnitude of the problems the country faces and as a result have begun to work together, something that seemed inconceivable last November.