DECEMBER 28, 1951

COUPONS: The American mission in Greece is paying particular attention to the success of the food distribution program and believes that it is a major factor for stabilizing the Greek economy. Therefore, every effort should be made to ensure the success of the program. The government will soon be discussing the issue with the Americans who believe that cutting aid will affect the working class, firstly, because by stopping or postponing major reconstruction projects, the number of unemployed will rise and because there is no immediate prospect of improvements to workers’ living standards. (…) US Ambassador John Purifoy mentioned the importance of the food distribution program, emphasizing that any attempt to defend the country should be based on a healthy economy and quality food supplies for its people. Romas and others have searched through the debris for anything to salvage; an embroidered Bible covering and a bell clapper were among the items found. But the church’s most cherished relics – bone fragments of St Nicholas, St Catherine and St Sava – and religious icons given by the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, are still missing.