May 2- 6, 1953

PERON: London, 1 – According to reports from Buenos Aires, there were seven bomb explosions within the space of eight hours this morning. Six bombs had been placed in small public parks and caused no damage. The seventh exploded near Parliament while President Juan Peron was speaking and could be clearly heard from within. In his speech, Mr Peron asked Parliament to investigate the activities of American news agencies operating in Argentina (the Associated Press, United Press and the International News Service), as they were undermining the country’s reputation abroad. Mr Peron accused the imperialist forces and the opposition of wanting to overthrow Argentina’s just social system and its efforts to unite South America. It is thought that Mr Peron’s speech will put an end to the smooth relations between Argentina and the US of the past six months. MARKEZINIS AFFAIR: New York, 2 – There have been intensive contacts between Greek authorities and New York’s Greek community regarding the welcome for Greek Minister for Coordination Spyros Markezinis and his delegation, due to arrive here on Tuesday morning (May 5). The question is whether Mr Markezinis is to appear at a ball given by the Friends of the Village, the New York Greek community’s main annual social event, on May 7. The dance is organized by the ladies of the Greek diplomatic service along with wives of the shipowners, diplomats and other members of the Greek community.