Who will you govern with?

The question ?Who are they going to govern with?? is being asked by the majority of voters and applies to all parties participating in the upcoming elections. Public opinion has absolutely no faith in the career politicians who are, to a large extent, responsible for the country?s sad current state.

Partisan double-talk, the obsession with public relations, the lack of professionalism and political cowardice regarding vested interests are very offputting. As long as voters don?t see experienced figures from the worlds of business and knowledge taking center stage, they are turning to protest parties, to newcomers who personify unfeasible and dangerous solutions. This is why the serious, pro-Europe parties, even at this late hour, need to persuade the electorate that they have the right teams able to handle tough issues vis-a-vis distrustful foreign interlocutors. The public needs tangible proof that they won?t be voting for the recycling of worn-out failures.