Crisis taking a tragic toll

The suicide on Wednesday of a fellow citizen certainly comes as a shock, and at the same time it is a cause for grave sadness and concern.

For almost three years now Greece has been buffeted by one of its harshest crises in recent history, and the toll that this is taking on society is growing by the day.

As a society, we ought to show respect and sensitivity toward those who are suffering the most from the consequences of Greece?s debt crisis and do everything in our power to help them.

It is sad to see that several people have indulged in blatant political exploitation of the tragic incident at Syntagma Square, where a 77-year-old man took his own life. Trying to cash in on the suffering and frustration of our fellow citizens is a lamentable by-product of the crisis.

We must all try to help the unemployed, to help people in despair, and to ease the pain of those who are suffering. No one should be allowed to exploit the pain of these people.