Keeping a lid on populism

Greek politics and public discourse are adrift in a sea of populism. Theatrical antics and shenanigans across the ideological spectrum are on the daily agenda. What is worse, irresponsible behavior of this kind can be expected to become more frequent as we near election day.

One can only hope that the country?s two main parties, PASOK and New Democracy, will not give in to this ailing political mood, which is nourished and manipulated by fringe elements.

At least PASOK and New Democracy rose to the occasion yesterday by backing the ratification of an out-of-court settlement with German electronics giant Siemens (which ended a years-long dispute over past bribery allegations against the company). Despite protests, the decision was in the country?s best interest.

It would be dangerous for Greece if key decisions were held hostage by the country?s extreme forces that are seeking to capitalize on the cacophony.