Changing times, same talk

The fact that Greece?s politicians and political parties have neither comprehended how much times have changed nor gone to the effort to convince the public that they have changed themselves is pretty sad.

During this election campaign particularly, the trite, wooden speeches and the television wars played out by party representatives are nothing short of a provocation.

There was a time when seeing this lot at each other?s throats was just silly, if not somewhat amusing. Today, though, it is unbearable and it erodes the entire foundation of our political system even further, and even more profoundly.

It would be wise for all of those politicians vying for our vote to be a little humbler, a little less trite and arrogant, and start addressing the voter?s concerns rather than their own political instincts.

When will our politicians realize that times have changed and the old way of doing things breeds nothing but contempt?