On Dutch government, Panos Kammenos, immigration, transparency

Dutch gov?t collapses due to austerity measures

And the Dutch were hammering Greece to cut, cut, cut… and look at them now, their government collapsed at the mere discussion of austerity!

Imagine what would happen if they had to go through what the average Greek has gone through, and continues to go through because of criminal, corrupt and incompetent politicians.

Lionel Luthor


Many Greeks are surprised and understandably concerned that the gallop polls showed the far-right party Chrysi Avgi gaining votes. Now, after it has been decided that at last we must deal with the overcrowding of immigrants in central Athens, again we have problems. A decision was reached to use abandoned and derelict army posts and convert them into shelters for immigrants. This would simplify the necessary programs of arranging deportations, if required arrange flights to their home countries under EU terms, issue them with legal work permits so they pay taxes and health insurance, or hold them until a decision could be reached. However, Mr Voridis has now decided that this isn’t such a good idea, is openly supporting locals that, understandably, are not too happy with the idea of having this camp on their doorstep. It hasn’t been pointed out to them that in fact if the situation is allowed to continue without a program, their families will not be safe, as when people are hungry they will commit crimes. Didn’t Mr Voridis ever consider that the main reason Chrysi Avgi is collecting votes is the immigration problem? Where is the common sense in this attitude? Now we are told that Mr Voridis will not supply the containers necessary for the camp. Why hasn’t Mr Samaras advised him against this action? Is this simply to be popular with the local community, to secure votes for ND? Assurances should be given to the local population that the camp will be secure. At the same time, as they will need staff to operate these facilities, and probably there are many unemployed in these areas, arrangements should be made to use local people to maintain the camps. Is it any wonder that ND is losing votes? Why cannot these ministers work together instead of acting in a negative manner to all logical proposals?

Ann Baker

Re: Questions for the day after

Politicians are humans and should be treated as such. Furthermore we elect them to govern us and so they are just like we are. We cannot expect them to change if we do not change ourselves. Very much like the gods of the ancient Greeks. They all had the good and bad characteristics of common people.

In this article also you are wondering what will happen to Greece if we enter a phase of instability and bad governance. We are now in a phase of instability.The whole world knows that, except maybe the Greek people.

It is time to see what we can do and stop blaming other people for problems that we as a nation have created and have prolonged.

There is not a politician or a group of them that can save us or stop us from saving ourselves. We all have to do something instead of complaining.

Dina Hatz

Panos Kammenos

Pity that there is such need for a new direction and all Kammenos has to offer is more deceit and lies.

Amicus Patriae

Greece to seize money from suspected tax evaders’ accounts

I am all for transparency and strongly believe the tax cheats should be made to pay what they owe. However either the article is not clear enough or we are putting the cart before the horse.

For the government to seize assets, shouldn’t they be in a position to back their claims and then move in?

An audit of the bank transfers and activity of all citizens (including all politicians) could bring to light activity that would substantiate claims against the cheats.

Seizing assets while they are looking for a reason, in my humble opinion, opens the flood gates for litigation. Since the fat cats can afford experienced lawyers who can tie up the courts for years, it is the little guy again who will see his deposits evaporate while the tax department looks for the reasons why they seized the assets.

All these cross references and double checks are long overdue and needed but we should be careful so we do not cast too wide a net. Justice should be the primary consideration.

Monica Lane