Sending the right message

The number of foreigners visiting our country from northwestern Europe this summer is expected to drop.

The downward trend is, of course, extremely worrying in light of Greece?s economic meltdown, and the cash-strapped Greek state is obviously in no position to organize and finance a serious advertizing campaign to promote the country abroad.

The above task should be undertaken by the private sector. After all, there is the successful precedent of the ?Give Greece a chance? campaign — a one-off public service initiative that was made possible by a group of leading Greek businesses.

At the same time however, we must all — including politicians and the media — be very cautious about giving in to the sirens of populism. Doing so can damage the country?s image abroad and, more specifically, hurt our relationship with foreign countries that play a role in our economic survival.

Some self-restraint would be advisable if we really don?t want to see our country destroy itself.