May 10, 1953

GREECE-TURKEY: Paris, 9 – According to a report from Ankara, the Turkish federation of unions has informed its Greek counterpart (the General Confederation of Greek Labor) that it will cut off all links with it if it continues to participate in demonstrations in Greece in favor of uniting Cyprus with Greece. GREECE-BRITAIN: Yesterday afternoon Defense Minister Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos and the British ambassador, Mr Peak, exchanged documents regarding the complete transfer of land at Kopais to the State. GREECE-FRANCE: The French foreign minister, Mr Bideau, is to arrive in Athens at 5 p.m. on May 15. The minister (…) will stay at the Maximos Mansion on Herod Atticus Street. GREECE-ITALY: The leader of the Italian Chiefs of Staff, General Maras, is expected in Athens within the month. GREECE-USA: The US Embassy in Athens yesterday officially denied a report in the New York Times that the US Embassy in Athens had sent a protest to the Greek government expressing its opposition to a bill on the organization of the Central Information Service (KYP). GREECE-BULGARIA: The Greek government (…) will under no circumstances permit the settlement of Bulgarians on Islet No. 3 in the Evros River which, according to existing treaties, belongs to Greece (…). GREECE-YUGOSLAVIA: In Belgrade, our national soccer team beat that of Yugoslavia 1-0.