Unity government is inevitable

We are living in historic and extremely crucial times as the clock starts to count down to general elections. With just a few days left to go before the polls, the political leadership, at least of the more responsible parties, had best stay away from bombastic declarations because May 7 promises to be an incredibly difficult day for them and, more importantly, for the country.

Tough talk by certain candidates about refusing to work with other parties and efforts to further polarize the electorate undermine the inevitable outcome of the elections, which is a government of national consensus and the collaboration of the pro-European parties that will make it into the new parliament.

As harrowing and as stressful as the pre-election race may be, Greece?s politicians need to bear in mind that it is all about the day after May 6 and that it is very likely that they will be called upon to govern the country together through one of the most difficult periods it has experienced since World War II.