A more civilized campaign

The ongoing electoral campaign does have a few positive aspects.

To begin with, compared to all previous elections in the country?s history, the noise level has gone down considerably.

Even the campaign posters of parties and candidates, which in the past seemed to be just about everywhere one looked, don?t appear to be as ubiquitous.

While all this may very well be one of the results of the current economic crisis, the fact is that this particular pre-election period has turned out to be quieter and more civilized than anything we have experienced in our political history to date.

Another positive element is that despite all the strain and the rumors, there have been very few cases of violent incidents.

It seems that to the vast majority of Greeks, the importance of protecting both our democracy and the country is a priority, even during this difficult period when feelings of rage with regard to the nation?s current state are at boiling point.