Keeping the PM in the picture

The tenure of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos, who was rushed into the premiership in November, can only be described in positive terms.

Papademos took over the governance of Greece at an extremely difficult juncture and under tremendous pressure from domestic developments and the country?s creditors.

In the few months that he headed the country?s unity government he succeeded in averting a messy default and an exit from the eurozone, while also reinstating the country?s international stature. In addition, he carried out these tasks with great integrity, dedication and a sense of responsibility.

Irrespective of the outcome of Sunday?s general elections and the developments that follow, Papademos should remain present in Greece?s political arena as a backup because no one can say with any certainty that the political system will manage to overcome the present crisis with the forces that are currently in play. After all, it is not as if Greece has a great pool of gifted statesmen to choose from — quite the opposite in fact.