Leaders doing their duty

It appears that there are Greek politicians who, albeit at the last moment, are prepared to do what?s right for the country. A proposal by Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis regarding the formation of a unity government is an important development which could remove the danger of collapse and prevent the country from exiting the eurozone.

All leaders of responsible political forces with common sense need to contribute to this effort, in order for the initiative to bear fruit because the country is in urgent need of a government.

SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipas has to show an equal sense of duty toward the country too. As the leader of the main opposition he is now in an institutional position.

No matter how extreme his positions might be, Tsipras will be obliged to exhaust his parliamentary role without provoking the paralysis of the political system.

No democracy can be governed if a minority, no matter how powerful, decides to render it ungovernable. No democracy can operate if its representatives do not respect the Constitution, Parliament and the law.