Time to rise to the occasion

There are times which demand that everyone rise to the occasion.

We are living through this kind of moment right now, although, unfortunately, those fulfilling their duties are remarkably few.

On a positive note, Greek President Karolos Papoulias is one of those few people, considering that he is making every possible effort for the formation of a new government with the broadest support platform possible.

Meanwhile our political leaders are either looking scared of the possibility of a government composed of technocrats or behaving in a completely inflexible manner brimming of self-importance.

The danger of the country collapsing is real and visible. We can only hope that this will not come to pass, even though the efforts being made by the drachma lobby to lead the country over the cliff are proving particularly persistent and systematic.

Let us hope that today, even at this final hour, the country?s political leaders will not allow their chance to form a government to go to waste.