Nothing is certain in these polls

It would be a grave mistake for the leadership of New Democracy to take a victory in the upcoming polls for granted. Those who believe that the escalating anxiety of the middle class will compel voters to cast their ballot in ND?s favor are sorely mistaken.

Nothing can be taken for granted in this latest election race. Voters appear to want a team to govern the country, a program, a collective effort and, especially, a definitive stance.

The very disappointing percentage gained by the conservatives in the May 6 elections will not increase simply because one or two small parties will crash and burn or because people will be wary of putting the country?s fate in SYRIZA?s hands. They need to see a combination of new blood, a strong center-right alliance and experienced politicians who know the ropes.

There is a lot riding on the new elections and no one, neither politicians nor citizens, should put their personal interests above the good of the country.