National interest is paramount

The lies are over: Greeks must decide whether they want to keep the country in the eurozone or not. Those who believe in Europe and stability will vote for a pro-European party that will do everything to avoid a euro exit. But it won?t be easy to convince an electorate that has every right to feel frustrated with the corruption and maladministration of the past 30 years. PASOK and ND must burn the bridges with the past: cut ties to public utility unionists, clean up corruption and get rid of politicians who have no idea how markets work.

PASOK and ND must finally explain who they will place in key economic posts, what they will do to free entrepreneurship from the ties of graft and bureaucracy and what reforms they will introduce. The national interest mandates a vote for the center-right that put Greece in the EEC and for the center-left that wants to keep the country in the euro area. But they need to work hard to avoid defeat, or the country will pay the price.