A united front with fresh faces

The large center-right party will have to carry the weight of the battle that will keep Greece in the eurozone.

Dora Bakoyannis?s decision to cooperate with New Democracy is the right one and will prove helpful at this difficult time. It makes no sense this time around, as was the case in the past, for selfish considerations and personal aspirations to prevent a centrist-liberal front from making a strong entrance into Parliament and taking part in a pro-Europe government.

In any case, New Democracy chief Antonis Samaras made a responsible and brave decision. It is vital, however, that every effort is made to revamp the party?s image, communication methods and arguments during this crucial pre-election period because, unfortunately, there are numerous party members who are worn out and offputting, especially in the eyes of younger voters.

The party leadership will hopefully put forward a younger generation of politicians and at the same time discreetly withdraw its old-style partisans, as well as younger ones who engage exclusively in double-talk.