Catching the SYRIZA virus

The debate is heating up around the globe about whether the European Union can contain the crisis dogging the eurozone by relying on its policy of fiscal austerity and without introducing some measures designed to instigate growth.

Meanwhile, France and other nations in the single currency bloc are pressing the idea of Eurobonds — debt issued jointly by countries in the eurozone.

What everyone agrees on, however, is that Greece must fulfill its economic commitments first and then push for a renegotiation of the terms of the bailout deal with the EU and the IMF. In fact, it would be absurd for a country like Greece to think that it could freeze or annul previous decisions. Doing so would tarnish Greece?s reputation among its peers.

All this is happening as the panic from SYRIZA?s soaring popularity is driving rival parties into cultivating unrealistic expectations about what the next government could achieve without putting the country?s eurozone membership at risk.