Let?s not slide backward

The pressure exerted by party mechanisms whenever a new government rises to power is considerable, sometimes even unbearable. While it is understandable that parties want to appoint their own people to various key positions, at the same time it is also sad to witness the same mentality and practices which brought the country to bankruptcy in the first place being reproduced in 2012, through lists of people destined for posts in the broader public sector.

The Greek state is now bankrupt and has very little to offer political parties and that part of society which had been living off the public sector for years in a parasitic kind of existence.

The very little that?s left to hand out ought to be distributed through objective criteria, with transparency and, most importantly, by respectable people in key positions who don?t place the party above all else.

Great efforts have been made to help the country move away from the ill-fated period of the PASOK diehards who held power in the 1980s. Greece should not slide at this critical time.

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