May 19-20, 1953

ANGELOS EVERT: A modest ceremony has been held at the office of the Israeli diplomatic representative in Athens, at which a certificate of recognition was presented to Angelos Evert, the chief of city police, by representatives of the Jewish community of Greece in gratitude for the civilized behavior and generosity of the Greek police force and its officers and men during the Nazi occupation of Greece. BEATING: Symi, 18 – The Turkish authorities have seized two Greek fishing boats, the Eftychia and Ariadne, registered on the island of Rhodes, and arrested their crew members M. Tsatalos, G. Patiniotis, C. Peros, G. Kallonas and A. Dregas, whom they are holding in prison. A Greek fisherman who managed to escape from their clutches said that the Greeks who were arrested had been savagely beaten by the Turks. EMIGRATION: About 270 Greek emigrants have left to begin new lives in Australia on board the ocean liner Seven Seas, assisted by the intergovernmental migration committee. The Australian government, appreciating the virtues of the Greek immigrant, has informed the committee in Athens that it will accept another 300 Greek immigrants within the month of June. This is in addition to those already accepted within the existing program.