Fairer sharing of the burden

Tax evasion has always been a problem in Greece. The practice was commonly associated with widespread corruption, typical of this country, but its implications were somehow lost in the excess borrowing of the state.

That is until the sovereign debt crisis broke out. At that time it became obvious that if the country really wanted to pull itself out of the fiscal hole it dug itself into, it would first have to crack down on tax evasion.

Three years later, however, the problem remains unsolved. It?s like an open wound and it leaves no room for tackling the dramatic economic situation in a socially fair manner.

The tax burden constantly falls on the same shoulders; and the burden is becoming increasingly unbearable because of the large number of tax evaders and because the state mechanisms designated with stopping these people are not living up to their role.

In fact, one would expect that Greek taxpayers to complain more about the wrongdoers in their midst rather than the attitude of our debtors.