Speculative comments must stop

Some European officials feel they have a duty to offer a running commentary on Greece?s chances of staying in the eurozone. The constant speculation by these people about a possible euro exit is doing great damage to the country, whose economy is in such a fragile state at the moment.

As long as there is this protracted uncertainty, it is very difficult for the economy to get going again. Even businessmen who have raised the necessary capital in these difficult conditions and are poised to make their investment are, in fact, holding back. They are not certain about making the move as long as there is no certainty about Greece remaining in the euro.

At some point, these speculative comments and threats have to come to an end. Of course this also depends on Greece keeping to the commitments it has made. If the speculation and negativity continues, it will simply undermine the country?s effort to get its public finances in order and stand on its own two feet.