It?s time for a clear agreement

If Greece?s political class wants to keep the country within the eurozone, it must first overcome its cowardice and inhibitions. Greek taxpayers have for years supported ailing state enterprises, a large number of bogus pensions and benefits, and a big chunk, it appears, of corrupt civil servants who never seem to lose their jobs. To be sure, politicians are also to blame for the current mess. But they are the ones that have to make the painful decisions.

The above seems to be clear to the prime minister and his finance minister. However, if they go ahead, they will need the support of their government partners, the deputies and that segment of society which is working hard, pays its taxes and can no longer put up with a profligate public sector. To do so, they will need to see a plan for growth.

They also need to see a change in the attitude of our EU peers, who cannot keep moving the goalposts, asking for more and more sacrifices. We need a clean agreement: Accomplishing a set of specific goals should end the speculation of a euro exit, together with granting the debt-hit country some more time to meet its fiscal commitments.

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