Sinking into sea of violence

Unfortunately, the frequency of violent incidents in Greece has increased significantly and they are showing no sign of abating. Every day, we hear stories of common criminal activity but this is not the only type of violence that we are familiar with anymore. There is violence linked to sport, politics and racism. These are the types of violence that seem to be flourishing at the moment.

The most disheartening aspect is that it appears some parts of our society correctly reject some of these violent acts, only to accept others, depending on which team they support, which party they vote for and the beliefs that they hold.

However, the use of violence is criminal in whatever form it comes. It is something that cannot be tolerated by any civilized society. It must be one of the state?s main aims to safeguard public security but to also act decisively against those who exercise violence. This includes all those who deem it acceptable to take the law into their own hands and to lynch fellow human beings.