Loose lips sink ships, and states

The different scenarios about Greece?s future go hand in hand with widespread uncertainty about the fate of the troubled euro area.

European officials are finding it hard to keep their nervousness a secret. Their concerns are increasingly reflected in news reports as well as official statements which are often contradictory and sometimes damaging.

To be sure, negative reports and public remarks can be self-fulfilling prophecies and are therefore to a large degree responsible for the negative mood vis-a-vis debt-hit Greece.

This posturing has also taken a toll on the euro itself. One would expect that those who claim to be interested in the survival of the common currency would be a bit more cautious.

This however has not happened judging by the statements coming from the lips of the wealthier and ?sin-less? states, as it were, of the European North, such as the Germans, the Dutch and the Finns.

It?s as if they wish to see the eurozone come apart without taking any of the blame for it.