A sense of fairness is crucial

The new round of austerity measures planned by Greece?s coalition government will without doubt be very painful for state sector employees and pensioners.

The savings are clearly necessary to finalize the 11.5-billion-euro package, which is key to meeting the nation?s commitments to its international creditors and keeping the debt-hit country within the euro area.

Sure, at times of normality no government would think of putting such a burden on the backs of its citizens and placing its own survival at risk.

These however are not normal times. What?s more, should the country go bankrupt and be forced to exit the eurozone, the consequences for the people will be even more devastating.

But at the same time, a government which is demanding all these sacrifices from its people has the obligation to be efficient and create a sense of justice among the people.

Otherwise, the measures will be impossible to defend even among those who have so far unconditionally spoken in favor of Greece remaining in Europe.