Credit where credit’s due

The arrest on Monday of a man suspected of being involved in the murder of a taxi driver on the island of Paros who was shot while trying to prevent a robbery shows that the police are perfectly capable of doing a professional job. It also shows that the force can stand up to all kinds of adversity, such as the alleged synergies between criminal and terrorist elements that have emerged in this particular case and which are suspected of being behind other incidents in the past.

The leadership at the Ministry of Public Order appears determined to crack down on burgeoning crime as it has on illegal immigration, and as well as terrorism. This did not appear to be the case when New Democracy last governed the country nor under Christos Papoutsis?s tenure at the ministry when he was citizens? protection minister in the PASOK and caretaker administrations of 2010-12.

It is important for the citizens of this country to finally see the state putting its foot down and imposing law and order.