Putting words into action

Antonis Samaras?s meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other top European officials demonstrate the European Union?s will for Greece to remain in the eurozone. Europe wants Athens to show, in practice, that it is honoring its pledges and implementing all that has been agreed and voted upon before it gets anything else in exchange.

Samaras and his financial team have sent out all the right messages. They have yet, however, to proceed in practical terms, by taking the necessary action that would radically change Europe?s stance toward Greece.

The prime minister has indicated that he would be willing to close down a major public enterprise in difficulty or even take other decisions which would drastically change the image of Greek politicians lacking credibility and courage.

These are the kind of decisions that would reinforce the country?s negotiating power, and possibly help protect the interests of the weaker members of Greek society and those on low pensions who will be forced to suffer fresh cuts in order to keep the traditional party clientele satisfied.