Light at the end of the tunnel

Europe is changing its stance toward Greece.

A growing number of European officials are openly against the idea of the country exiting the eurozone while at the same time demanding that their own voters comprehend the sort of difficulties that the Greek people are currently experiencing.

If the current administration succeeds in maintaining and implementing the country?s pledges while managing to pass another round of cuts, Europe will have to lend its support in practical terms, not just in words. Greece?s partners will have to help the country in its efforts toward growth and liquidity, efforts which are being crushed in today?s suffering real economy.

At the same time, it will have to become blatantly clear that the threat of Greece exiting the eurozone will be lifted for good and that there will be no further rounds of harsh cuts to salaries and pensions.

This is the only way for Greek citizens to see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that the cycle of sacrifice has an expiry date.