Laconic support from EU

It?s only natural that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has tried to be upbeat about yesterday?s statement by eurozone leaders on Greece.

However, reading the statement by the leaders of the 17-nation common currency region, it?s easy to see that this was not so much a political as a technocratic, rather cold text.

Its content was not far from the recent assessment of the so-called troika of international lenders. In other words, political support was reduced to hailing the government?s determination in carrying out reforms and some praise for the efforts of the Greek people.

The conclusions of the Brussels meeting underscored the importance of the troika report on the need for structural policy reforms, and stressed the need for the quick implementation of the economic adjustment program and its role in getting Greece?s anaemic economy back on track.

There was little new in all that. The truth is, we expected a bit more from our peers and lenders.