May 30, 1953

TROLLEY BUSES ARRIVE: The first of the new trolley buses ordered by the Electric Transport Company (HEM) arrived in Athens yesterday. The vehicles were sent by rail from Milan, where the first batch of 400 of these vehicles is under construction by a consortium of three Italian companies (Ed. note: They were made by Alfa Romeo). These buses are extremely quiet, have a capacity of 100 passengers each, and include all the latest fittings for comfort and safety. When these vehicles replace the trams on the Ambelokipi-Patissia line – as they are scheduled to do by next fall – they will give the city a more civilized image. HOLY SYMBOLS ON DOGS: The Holy Synod, in a memorandum to the Agriculture Ministry, is protesting against the practice of hanging a metallic badge in the shape of a cross around the necks of dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies as inappropriate. They ask that this practice be stopped. YIANNIS HORN: An Athens court has sentenced Yiannis Horn, the publisher of the daily newspaper Athens News, to four days’ imprisonment and fined him 9,000 drachmas for libeling the lawyer and leader of the Reform Party Mr Michalis Halas. Mr Horn has appealed the ruling. FOOTBALL STATISTICS: According to an official announcement, revenue from the British football team Luton in Athens amounted to 153,259,000 drachmas.