Unity over common goals

There are three areas where Greece is at serious risk of failing to meet the targets set by its foreign creditors. These are the fight against tax evasion, the privatization of state assets and the abolition of red tape and unnecessary terms that act as obstacles to investment and entrepreneurship.

If the government fails to make some remarkable progress in these areas, there will inevitably come a point when it will have to impose another round of austerity measures, a decision that neither the fragile coalition government nor a weary society can tolerate.

However, if the government is to achieve any of the lofty goals it has set for itself over the next few months, all of its ministers and the entire state mechanism will have to work in concert and with determination toward a common goal. Anyone who does not believe in these goals, or who doesn’t have what it takes to make them happen, has no business being in government, especially not today.