PM in sights of reactionaries

The prime minister knows better than anyone else how difficult the job ahead is, and how many problems he has to deal with. The stance he has adopted and the policy line he has imposed since his election in the early summer has helped Greece regain much of its lost international credibility. Our foreign partners recognize how difficult this balancing act has been from a political standpoint. As far as people in Greece are concerned, they may disagree with him, but they appreciate the fact that he is making a gigantic effort to hold the country together even though he is dealing with a shattered public administration and political chaos.

There are some, however, who are going to great pains to undermine the premier and the work he is doing. These are the propagators of the old way of doing politics and right now their sights are set on the finance minister. But their real target is the prime minister and his efforts to pull the country from the clutches of a political caste that demolished the civil service, spent the state’s money and bankrupted the country.