No room for laggards

There are certain ministers and officials who stubbornly refuse to accept any reforms or changes that will help their ministries work better and spend less money. It has been said that in some cases they will even refuse to accept delivery of circulars outlining changes that need to be made at once.

These officials obviously have no respect for the toils of the Greek people. They refuse to change the way they think or the way they work because they don’t want to adapt to the changing circumstances of the country as a whole.

But Greece will never solve the myriad problems that dog it with such people – people who refuse to move forward and who have absolutely no scruples about the harm they are doing by sticking to their erroneous ways.

Considering the fine balancing that is keeping this fragile coalition together, putting the interests of individuals or parties first is nothing short of provocative when the prime minister and other ministers are doing the best they can under extremely difficult circumstances.